Merging Two Crochet Patterns

Welcome to my blog!

So this is my first blog…ever.  I’ve never written a blog before.  I’ve never even read or followed blogs before.  I’ve been agonizing over what to write for my very first blog post.  You know what they say about first impressions.  So, I’ve decided to go with something big – my biggest crafting challenge that is.

Reading Patterns

One of my biggest challenges is reading and understanding knitting and crocheting patterns.

Over the holidays I found a funky cloche hat pattern on Ravelry and I was super excited to start crocheting it.  But a few single crochets in and I was lost.  I couldn’t make sense of the pattern.  My stitches didn’t look anything like the pattern’s photo.

Adapting Patterns

What to do?  I couldn’t give up!  I had to adapt – adapt the pattern that is.  I merged a simple crochet hat pattern for kids (also found on Ravelry) with the funky cloche hat pattern I didn’t understand.  I used the body of “Olivia’s Butterfly” hat pattern (minus the butterfly) with the brim pattern from the funky cloche hat.  I’m really happy with how it turned out!

I’m still determined to figure out the funky cloche hat pattern – I’ll do it one day soon!

Crocheted Adult Hat Pattern

Here's my merged creation

Crocheted Adult Hat, Women's Crocheted Hat

Here's a side view

Crochet Hat Pattern

Want to give it a try?  Just follow “Olivia’s Butterfly” hat pattern, but when you get to round 9 just continue double crocheting as you did in Rounds 6, 7 and 8.  This will omit the butterfly pattern.  On your last row do one row of single crochets and tie off, weaving in the tail end.

Adding the Brim

Fold the hat in two, mark center front.  Count equal distance from center mark on each side – I did 25 stitches each side.  Mark these.

On right side, tie on yarn by pushing hook through stitch at side mark, yarn over, pull through, yarn over and pull through loop, hold tail against top of stitches as you crochet.

Row 1: *half double crochet (hdc) in next 2 stitches, 2 hdc in next stitch, continue from * to side mark.  Turn.

Row 2: chain 2, front post half double crochet (fphdc) in stitches to just before final stitch mark, single crochet (sc) in final stitch, slip stitch (sl) in next stitch.  Turn.

Row 3: chain 1, skip sc, sc in next stitch, *fphdc in stitches to end, turn.

Row 4: repeat row 2. Turn.

Row 5: sc across brim.  Tie off, leaving enough tail to weave into stitches to hide.


Make a chain 40 stitches long (adjust this number to fit the size of your hat).  Skip 1st chain and sc in each ch to end.  Chain 2 in last chain and turn. sc in each chain to end.  Do this 3 more times or until it is the width you want it to be.

Put band on hat above brim and pin in place.  Attach band to hat using band colour.  Turn up one side of brim and stitch it in place with brim colour.  You can attach a button or other embellishment here to make the hat look fancy.

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