Crafts That Rock!

My Music History

The recent Grammy Awards and the arguably shocking death of music icon Whitney Houston has got me thinking a lot about music this week.  Music is and has always been a big part of my life.  When I was younger my dream job was to work in a record store – talk about really aiming high, I know.  Years later I was lucky enough to actually surpass my dreams.  I ended up working for a major record label for several years.  I no longer work in music, but it’s still a passion of mine.  And, I love being able to combine passions – in this case music and crafting.  So, in honour of merging a few of my passions and of course the Grammy Awards and the passing of Whitney Houston (so sad), this week I’m focusing on music-related projects.

My Top Music Crafts

Here are some of the coolest music-related crafts and do-it-yourself projects I found.

1. Vinyl Record Hanging Lamp – this one is so cool!  Flip it upside down and it’s a bowl.  I have to admit I haven’t tried this one yet because I’m too afraid to ‘damage’ any of my records.

2. Crochet iPod Covers – there are so many variations of homemade iPod covers – ones with buttons, ones that look like anime characters.  You can really get creative with your project!

3. Knit Piano Scarf – this is a great gift for piano players or even classical music lovers.  It’s not a super easy project, but it’s also not extremely difficult and it’s totally worth it.

4. RockBand Knit Pot Holders – these make a cool gift for any music lover!  Get creative with contrasting colours you use – try mixing a solid colour with a self-striping yarn for a really interesting effect.

5. CD Coasters – super quick and easy to make, and really environmentally friendly as CDs can’t be recycled in their solid state.  So many things can be done with CDs.  You can make clocks, lights, wall displays and more!

Music related crafts and do-it-yourself projects, DIY

From Left to Right: Vinyl Record Hanging Lamp, Crochet iPod Covers, Knit Piano Scarf, RockBand Knit Pot Holders, CD Coasters

My Top Music Pattern Book

If you want to be a rock star, you have to dress like a rock star.  Share Ross‘ book, Punk Knits has 26 amazing knitting patterns for rock stars.  Don’t be fooled by the name.  It’s not all about Punk though there are some really great Punk-inspired knits.  This book has everything from knit guitar straps to a felted top hat and each pattern is inspired by a music legend.

Punk Knits Book, Music Fashion, Knitting Patterns

"Punk Knits" by Share Ross

Do you have a favourite music related pattern or project?  Have you done something really interesting with old records or CDs?

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