A Date with Oscar – DIY Oscar Party Decor & Accessories

It’s award season and this coming Sunday is the biggest film award show of the year – the Academy Awards, or more affectionately dubbed, the Oscars.  I’m not a big awards show person, but I love movies and I admit I do love the glitz and glam of the Oscars.  What makes the Academy Awards even more fun are the Oscar parties!  I’ve never hosted one myself, but I’ve attended one every year for 6 years running.

DIY Oscar Party Decorations

If you’re thinking of hosting an Oscar party for the 84th Academy Awards, time is running out, but don’t panic.  Here are a few quick craft ideas to help add some glitz and glam to your Oscar party.

DIY Oscar Party Decorations, Do-It-Yourself Crafts, Academy Awards

From Left to Right: Clapboard or Movie Ticket Invitations, Hollywood Glam Awards Show printables, DIY Confetti, Popcorn Bags and Candy Bag Toppers

1. Clapboard or Movie Ticket Invitations – there are many different invitations for purchase, but to make these yourself all you’ll need is some black paper cut into rectangles and a gold or silver felt-tipped marker.  For a simple clapboard, colour in the stripes of the clapboard arm at the very top.  Then, add your party details below.  For the movie ticket invitation, draw stars in silver or gold on the front and include your party details.

2. Hollywood Glam Awards Show printables – this website has all the printable decoration templates you’ll want for your table  – “envelope” napkin wraps, glass charms, place cards, popcorn bag labels and more!  Just print out the blank labels and hand write in the best picture nominees to customize your decorations for this year’s Oscars.  Note: these printable templates are all in a black, yellow and white colour scheme.

3. DIY Confetti – here’s a fast, simple way to add some sparkle to your party.  Using some shiny paper – I would recommend silver, gold, or red – and a hole punch or star-shaped punch (which can be found at a Dollar store) cut out confetti and sprinkle them on your table tops.

4. Popcorn Bags and Candy Bag Toppers – this website also has a lot of great printable decoration templates, including invitations and fancy ballots.  Want less glitz and more elegance?  These templates are very classy yet simple, in a red and white theme.

Oscar Party Accessories

An Oscar party isn’t just about the decorations, it’s also about the fashion.  As the party hostess it’s important to accessorize yourself!  Add some glam to your party look by knitting up a quick Hollywood Wrap or crocheting a fast and easy Chinchilla Stole, for the fake fur look.  Want something a little less furry and more sparkly?  Try the Knit Flirty Wrap with Artyarns Cashmere Glitter yarn or Vanna’s Glamour yarn.

Oscar Party Accessories, Knit pattern, Crochet pattern

From Left to Right: Knit Hollywood Wrap, Crochet Chinchilla Stole, Knit Flirty Wrap

Of course no Oscar party is complete without your official Oscar printable ballot.  My money is on “The Help” to win best picture.

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