Planes, Trains and Automobiles: Craft Patterns for Traveling

Flying: Leave Your Hooks and Needles at Home

I’ve been traveling recently for work – just short trips, nowhere too far.  In fact I was on a flight last week and it would have been the perfect time to catch up on a little crafting.  Unfortunately for security reasons airlines don’t like people bringing knitting needles or crochet hooks on board.  I get it, but when you travel you spend so much time waiting to board, then there’s the actual trip itself.

It got me thinking about quick patterns that are perfect for travel – whether it be in a train, boat, or car.  So, here are some of my favourite FREE Lion Brand patterns that can be completed in a short amount of time – perfect for when you’re traveling.

On the Go: Knitting and Crochet Patterns for Travel

Knitting and Crocheting Patterns, Quick and Easy, Perfect for Travelling, Traveling

From Left to Right: Easy Crochet Bolero; Crocheted Summer Chill Wrap; Neck Down Knit Cardi; Crocheted Striped Handle Tote

1. Easy Crochet Bolero – This is a very simple women’s bolero pattern.  The nice part is that when it’s finished you don’t even have to pack it because you can wear it!

2. Crocheted Summer Chill Wrap – This wrap pattern could also double as a really wide scarf.  Make it your own by using different textured yarns and experimenting with colours.

3. Neck Down Knit Cardi – This is a cute knit sweater for a little girl.  It can be adjusted in size to fit babies, toddlers, and children.

4. Crocheted Striped Handle Tote – Lion Brand has lots of free tote bag patterns in both knit and crochet.  I like this one because it’s got lots of carrying space.

5. Aaron’s Crocheted Hat Trick # 6 – Lion Brand has several variations of this hat because it’s so easy to personalize.  It’s a quick crochet and it’s super warm when it’s finished!

6. Dad Style Bias Knit Tie – This is a great tie pattern for a special man in your life.  It’s super quick and easy to knit!  Add some stripes (thick or thin) to change the style.

7. Five and a Half Hour Crocheted Throw – This is a fast and easy blanket to make.  Not only does it keep you busy while you’re traveling, but it can also keep you warm at the same time!

8. Scrunchy, Slouchy Crocheted Slipper Socks – These are available in both a knitting pattern and a crochet pattern.  They’re really comfy and they look great!

9. Knit City Gauntlets – These are super cool and easy to mix and match!  Play around with colours and lengths for different looks.

10. Knit Fern Green Hat – This is a simple knit hat for men or women, but the size can easily be adjusted to fit children.

Quick and Easy Knitting and Crochet Patterns

Clockwise: Aaron's Crocheted Hat Trick #6; Dad Style Bias Knit Tie; Five and a Half Hour Crochet Throw; Scrunchy, Slouchy Crocheted Slipper Socks; Knit City Gauntlets; Knit Fern Green Hat

Do you have a favourite pattern that’s quick and easy?  Or maybe you have a go-to pattern for when you’re traveling?

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