The Craft Bag is a blog for people who love to craft and the avid Do-It-Yourselfers (DIYers).

My name is Lisa and I’ve been crafty most of my life.  Most often you’ll find me knitting, crocheting, stamping, or screen printing.  Less often I’ll be sewing, doing embroidery or plastic canvas.  I’ll be keeping a blog of what I’m up to and sharing links to lots of good stuff.

Why ‘The Craft Bag’?

I love crafting!  It’s fun!  So, the name had to be something fun too.

“The Craft Bag” has two meanings for me:

  1. A mixed bag of crafting ideas, patterns and DIY tips – that’s what this blog is going to be.  It’s going to cover a range of projects and topics.
  2. An ‘old’ lady who’s known for her crafts and crafting – The Craft Lady or “Craft Bag” if you prefer.

Okay, so the first meaning is the more practical one – not so fun.  The second meaning though is hilarious!  Partly because I’m young…okay, young-ish.  And partly because it just pokes fun at myself.  Friends and colleagues have laughed at me for being super excited about knitting and crocheting.  I’ve even been told that I age myself 10 years for practicing such arts.  I don’t care.  I love it!

Knitting Cartoon

The Craft Bag

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